Listen in silence.

I am the skies and the night-time alleys

and the sea and the shore with its far-away bays.

I am the wandering lady of the night

wandering with a fading aura from the gloomy streetlights

with her bizarre grim, now grotesque, only by the night.

I am the Brahma of the highest skies

and the Himylayan mystries of the silent Gods

and the fading whispers of a soft chant,

of manipulated truths

and the gaudy spirits and tigers as they begin

to hunt and haunt.

Listen and Remember.

The azure fields of the Holy stars

are but a small part of me, born since ever.

I am the sun of the west and the set in the east.

Do you realize how spacious can I be?

And I am the sleeping black and white within white.

And the unseen colors of the auroras within sight.

I am the shaman lover who's ready to love

and I am the womb that is ready to heal.

I am the feminine with all the might and slope

and I am the male who's born to give.

... Colors of the night.

Born in silence and in silence it dies.

I am the colors that fill the night.

I am the universe that has the Allah,

as the sufi chants crave to reach the light.

I am a million and a hundred and a one

all in me, within me, and without.

I am them, and belong to them, and from them

i was born.

I am the child, the mother, the priest

the prostitute, and the womb.

...I am God and God is within me...

...I am God and God is within me...

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