Sweet dreams of Democracy

I can hardly describe the contradicting emotions I have felt when I have hared what Condoleezza Rice is promising me (as a Syrian national), "we will bring democracy to Syria" she said, but who will bring the democracy, what kind of democracy, and the most important question, how much it will cost?


well Ms. Rise, if US marines soldiers are the messenger of this democracy, thank you very much, we have seen what kind of democracy the are ordered to bring, I'd prefer to live, rather than die in a very democratic way, approved by your congress. I can see how the people of Iraq are interacting with marines way of democracy, I can almost hear their prayer each day they struggle to live they are not praying "God bless our meal" and "God give us health and wealth" any more, nowadays they are satisfied with much less than this, "God let me live through the day", and or "let me die without pain" they say.
how much your promised democracy will cost us Ms. Rise?
as you may know, we have just a little of oil, which is barely enough to refuel these little toys of yours, and our blood is not unique of its kind, unless you know something that we don't.
then – I said to my self- the cost might be the future of my children, well Ms. Rise, you gotta ask them what they want, or isn't this democracy? we don't pass our present to our children as you know, we just borrow it from them.

I wonder what do you expect from Syria, once we have your promised democracy, if you expect that democracy to sign a piece agreement with Israel, or to sell our last pair of socks for Marlboro cigarette, or allow you to damp you "shit" in our "Badia" then you are mistaken. because once we have democracy, you shouldn't count on that, you shouldn't have any hypothesis, otherwise it wouldn't be democracy, or don't you agree? after all, assumption, is the mother of all fuck-ups.

if you wouldn't insist on something like the examples above, then you must be out of you mind lady, for I don't think you can afford the cost of bringing democracy to Syria.

So please, no hasty promises, OK?
Good girl.